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As a designer, you utilize creative elements and key points to help create beautiful and effective designs. This series can make you more alert to what those design principles are and ways to utilize them to make your designs even better!
Coloring Web page and the ideas of design
Coloring Site is one of the most original types of artistic expression. Heading in the past to the prehistoric times with the Lascaux Caves (a few of the first noted human Coloring Web page), Coloring Page is practiced in all cultures all over the world and has been for more than 100 years. To keep it simple, we’ll show off 19th and 20th hundred years expressions to show how you can put the elements and principles of design to work.
The ideas of design are:

  • Balance
  • Proportion and scale
  • Contrast
  • Repetition and pattern
  • Unity and harmony


Balance is one of the most intuative and complicated design process. It’s the way the artist creates a feeling of equilibrium in a design, by how the objects in the design are arranged. You will discover three major types of balance:

  • Symmetrical/Formal Balance is when elements are positioned in such a way that two halves of the design (whether vertical or horizontal) are mirrors of one another – both edges have the same weight. Its created around a central series that bisects the look into two different halves.
  • Asymmetrical/Informal Balance is when elements sit so that there surely is an uneven circulation of weight
  • Radial Balance is when elements sit consistently around a central point
    Percentage and Scale
    The juxtaposition of components of different sizes, or proportions, within the work of art helps create a sense of scale. Range can be utilized for multiple effects – whether to demonstrate a sense of space and depth or to help build a dominant focal point.


An enormous part of fabricating depth in an image, and affinity for a piece, is to apply multiple contrasting elements – or varying elements set hand and hand. This is often finished with color, form, size or consistency.

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Repetition and pattern

The use of the same or a similar element repeated again and again can provide a work a feeling of movement or framework. Where an factor is comparable enough and repeated often enough, it can create a structure.

Unity and harmony

The combo of similar elements creates an aesthetically pleasing overall effect. While lots of design elements are different, a dominating unity created by similarities in color, pattern, consistency or other elements makes the painting or design feel harmonious.
Translating to graphic design
Designer Bearbrick implements all of these principles in his web site design for Bright Austin Interiors.

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Bearbrick uses percentage and scale to create asymmetrical balance. Components of different size and form sit on a page not to mirror the other person but to balance one another out. He creates comparison in the juxtaposition of colorful elements against a white qualifications.
Repetition can be used in the setting of the circles. This pushes the viewer’s eye to go between elements to be able to impart the info the client wants the viewer to see. At exactly the same time, pattern is employed as a subtle information in this circle designs (in the bloom pattern of the “about us” button as well as the repeated lines circling other spherical elements) in order to create interest – so the design can be simple without having to be boring.
And while the different elements of the web page find the user’s eyesight at differing times, the feminine design of the elements and the utilization of color make the site appear completely harmonious. The look has movements, depth, interest and brings the user’s eyes to the most crucial information on the web page – it’s a great exemplory case of a successful design.

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